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Scrambled Eggs with Hummus, Portobello Mushrooms and Sundried Tomato

If you’ve had enough of good ol’ plain scrambled eggs, this super easy recipe is perfect for your Sunday! I am a huge fan of sundried tomatoes, and their intense sweet flavour mixes well with the garlic in the hummus and the earthy flavour of the mushrooms. Yuuuum. Ingredients for 1 Person 2-3 Eggs 1 …

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Radish and Cucumber Salad

This salad is an adaptation of a recipe a good Austrian friend of mine taught me. He himself knows it really well, since it’s what his grandmother always serves along with a good, traditional Austrian schnitzel. To that, I’ve added radish as a second salad ingredient. The result is refreshing, creamy and slightly stingy. Not …

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