Linguine with Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

In Romania we love our cheese! And cheese does not simply equal cheese. There is brânză (white cheese) and there is cașcaval (yellow cheese). It gets even more confusing, as there are different types of  brânză: soft, sweet, salty, etc. On hot summer days, when temperatures soar to over 40 degrees celsius, a meal may just consist of brânză, tomatoes and bread. But the truth is, one of our favourites is telemea, which is the Romanian equivalent of what is internationally known as feta cheese. Hungry, but not having any bread at home, I started wondering why not combine my tomatoes and feta with pasta…

Ingredients for 1 Person

  • 130g Linguine
  • Fresh Basil
  • 100g Cherry Tomatoes
  • 70g Greek/Bulgarian-Style Feta Cheese
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cracked Pepper
  • Salt


This is probably one of the simplest recipes in the world, but if you talk to any Italian, they’ll tell you that exactly those are the most delicious dishes! You only need three basic ingredients: tomatoes, feta and basil. And yes, I have ruined my chopping board with a hot cast iron pan… so I might just as well make it part of the show. 🙂
Place a large pot with water on the stove and let it boil. Add a good amount of salt, as well as a few drops of olive oil. Once the water boils, add the linguine (or any other pasta for that matter). Check the cooking instructions and set a timer to make sure they come out al dente.
Chop the basil, cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters and squash the feta cheese with a fork. You can use any feta of your liking, I really love the one made of sheep’s milk.
Once the pasta is ready, drain well in a colander and then place it into a deep plate. Add the tomatoes, feta and basil on top and sprinkle with a few good swings of olive oil. Mix well. Add some fresh cracked pepper on top, and it’s ready!
Poftă bună! 🙂
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